When Donald Trump came into office, Twitter has become a source of concern for many Americans. It is known that Trump, unlike his predecessors, suddenly announced important political decisions and thwarted international relations with an unexpected squall of tweets.

The French artist and designer, who is carrying an unusual pseudonym Parse / Error, decided to create a "political lamp" that reacts to all publications of the US president on Twitter. It is worth noting that the lamp has the form of a thundercloud. Usually it glows with a soft blue color, but when Trump puts a tweet, the light turns dark, and lightning flashes through the clouds.

According to the author, the storm cloud flashes in real time every time the US president writes a new tweet. The artist believes that Trump "represents a very dangerous era in which the words of even one person in social networks can endanger the lives of hundreds of thousands of people."

Whether you like it or not, Trimp's tweets really have the opportunity to shake inside politics, as well as international relations. US Senator Bob Corker criticized the president for his messages in the microblog on October 9, which, according to the politician, he inflicted great damage on America's diplomatic efforts.

Interesting to note! French users will also be able to connect the lamp to the Marin's Le Pen tweets.