Hervin's Anderson paintings were presented in three auction houses in London: PHILLIPS, Sotheby's and Christie's at the same time. The lots were of record interest. PHILLIPS sold the painting "Peter's Series: Back" (2008) for $ 2.388 million on October 6. The same evening the Anderson's canvas named "Country Club: Chicken Wire" (2008) broke a fresh record at Christie's.

The previous auction record was set July 1, 2014, when the picture of "Afrosheen", performed in 2009, was sold at London's Christie's for £ 1,315 million.

Anderson is a runner-up of the Turner Prize in 2017, the most prestigious British award given to artists. This fact probably affects the market value of the artist's works as well. Note that in addition to the record holders, additional two of his paintings were sold at the auction of Sotheby's and Christie's this week.

Hervin Anderson basically depicts lush landscapes, places of personal and cultural significance, as well as scenes that capture special moments. His paintings are filled with stories and family memories. Being a mastered mixture of abstraction and figure, his works put an emphasis on his Jamaican background.

"That is my practice: I try to draw and do other things, but I always get back to painting ... For me, painting is a fascinating process, a field of constant battle. To be honest, it's very difficult to be a modern artist, "Anderson said.

It should be recalled that this year's Turner award is claimed by four more artists. The winner will be announced on December 5th. At the same time, the works of the "Turner Prize" exhibition are now exhibited in the Art Gallery of Ferenc until January 7, 2018.