The Taipei National Palace Museum digitized its unique collection. At the moment, an online database has been created on the official website, which includes data on the permanent exposition of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts. Here you can find 70,000 images that are available for free downloading for personal or scientific use. It is worth noting that this is the first large archive of materials from the imperial history of China. The National Palace Museum of Taipei owns one of the largest ancient Chinese imperial collections of artifacts starting with paintings to rare books and various works of art from jade, bronze, ceramics. The database is currently available only in 2 languages (Chinese and English). However, the English version is currently rather limited and incomplete: only about 2000 objects are available, and none of them is accompanied by any text in English. This means that at the moment the user will need to conduct his own research if he wants to know more about a particular object.

On the other hand, the Chinese version has two portals at once: one contains objects of calligraphy and painting, and the second one is designed for everything else.

According to the museum representatives, the base will be soon supplemented. It is also planned to add about 500 photographs a year.