Archaeologists think that they discovered the burial place of Santa Claus. And no, it's not somewhere at the North Pole. It is believed that in fact the grave of Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, is in his homeland in Demre, a city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Recent studies have revealed the suspicious location of the grave in uninhabited spaces under the church.

"We believe that this tomb was not damaged, but it is difficult to reach it, because there is a mosaic on the floor," said the head of the Antalya Monument Office named Kemil Karabayram in an interview.

Archaeologists plan to carefully remove the mosaic tiles on large plots to get access to the area below in order to be able to continue the research. Until now, it was believed that during the Crusades in 1087, Italian merchants took the bones of the saint from the grave in the church. Now experts believe that the remains they transported from the "Basilica di San Nicola" in the city of Bari (Italy) actually belong to an anonymous priest and that the grave of the saint was not there where it was originally believed.

Being famous throughout the world for his kindness and generosity St. Nicholas died in 343. There is a legend according to which Nicholas the Wonderworker wanted to help the three sisters. Girls could not get married because they lacked money. So, on the eve of the feast of the Nativity of Christ, the saint threw them through the fireplace three small bags with gold coins. The same evening, the sisters hung out their washed stockings at this fireplace to get them dry. These where the stockings in which he dropped gift bags. Nicholas the Wonderworker decided to continue to do good deeds and help poor townspeople, and he always managed to remain unnoticed. The saint also gave warm clothes and toys for children, and helped the patients with medicines.

It is also worth noting that St. Nicholas was not part of the popular festive tradition in Europe until the 16th century. The name Santa Claus comes from his Dutch name Sinterklaas.

"Maybe we'll find the untouched body of St. Nicholas," commented Karabayram.