10 things you cannot but do when traveling around Africa

Swim in the Dau Arabian boat around the Mozambican island of Ibo.

Visit the famous Egyptian pyramids.

Spend the night in the open air in Kalahari.

See the Danakil Depression from the helicopter.

Watch the chimpanzee in the Rubondo Island National Park, located in the north of Tanzania.

Stay at the Wild Waters Lodge (Uganda) and ride along the Nile on the raft.

Take a drive through the palm oases of southern Morocco, visit the beach of Lezghir and stay at the hotel Dar Ahlam over night.

Watch the dwarf elephants in the Central African Republic.

Take a fly on the old Cessna 210 over the picturesque "Skeleton Coast" in Namibia.

Visit the unique factory of national clothes in Accra, the capital of Ghana.