10 places where autumn looks pretty awesome

Moscow, Russia. Golden autumn is great time to visit the capital, especially in September or October.

Tatarstan, Russia. The aesthetics of Tatarstan and the entire Southern Urals are best estimated in autumn.

If you plan to got to Bavaria this fall, we recommend you visiting the Neuschwanstein castle.

Scotland. Despite the level of precipitation intensity, Scotland is beautiful in autumn. If you do not want to get wet, we recommend you to visit the southern regions

China. And although the autumn in China is quite cold, the weather still remains comfortable for walking in many regions.

Wales. Umbrella, good shoes and waterproof outerwear that's all you need to enjoy the colors of Wales.

Sonoma County, California, USA. Famous vineyards are especially beautiful in autumn.

Bjertan, Transylvania. Fall is the best season to visit the of Count Dracula. You will surely be stunned by the view of the surrounding places.

New England, the USA. The variety of trees that is not found in any other region makes this place really beautiful. The doorway is painted in red and gold colors, and the pleasant climate is just perfect for walking.

Prague, the Czech Republic. Autumn is a great time to relax in the Czech Republic. It is still warm and very beautiful in Prague. If it's about where to go on vacation in fall, then Prague should be one of the favorites. The ancient narrow streets, Gothic cathedrals and cafes are especially good at this time.